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January 31, 2013
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[Dmc] It's annoying to have such a brother by eilinna [Dmc] It's annoying to have such a brother by eilinna
I have finished the game Dmc....I began to understand why Dante looks so bitter half way I play this game....It's so annoying to have such an elder brother who just put all the work he could do on your shoulder.....
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LolitheLeopard Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Chibi Virgil is adorable! :-)
Tysirr Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
omg, this comic XDD :heart:
I love it so much :heart::icontrololoplz:
Gothywolf Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
LOL this is hecka funny!!! But that chibi Vergil looks so ADORABLE...
Shikamaru-sasukeClan Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2014
Isn't it supposed to say go "fuck" yourself instead of fucking
GhoulMine1 Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2013
This new Vergil is SUCH AN ASS!
He just lies on his ass all day glorifying their terrible parents(Raising your fucking children through hell just to get YOUR revenge through them is NOT a good way to send them off), acting like his order will save everyone(Who he poorly leads to their DEATHS), gets Kat(Who seems to forget that she has enough credibility to bitch slap him in line) beaten the CRAP out of all the time just so he can say, "Oh look, I'm saying that the one person that even did anything in this entire game besides you should be left for dead, Edgy Tacticiaaaaaan." and then acts like HE should be praised for it!
And the one that they put through all this crap is the New Dante!
Vergil's Downfall?
More like Vergil's grown a pair and decided to that if he can't be a half decent protagonist he should just switch sides......even if it was through his immense stupidity of acknowledging hollows and then forgetting that they're hollows.
Coora Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2014
i agree with you there mate
at least the original Vergil had more reasons to be an ass and did things himself
plus old Vergil had honor unlike the new basterd

i like DMC Dante thou ^^ hes all right in my book 
GhoulMine1 Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2014
The Old Vergil hadn't really been shown to give honor, in much regard aside from when he was Nelo Angelo.
Granted he never had anyone he should show honor to when he's free from any sort of control.
Everyone is either a murderous demon or a downright horrible person.
That demon that he kills after the second mission was, well, a demon that tried to kill everything in it's way, even the innocents according to the in-game files. So why everyone defends him and calls Vergil inherently evil, I don't know.
Arkham, he more than likely hated through and through for being a demon that murdered his wife just to be a demon, so there's no point in glorifying HIM.
He didn't even MOTION towards Lady, in fact, she's the one that attacked HIM, and he did nothing! He only tried to tell her off for believing her crazy dad, who he KNEW would tell bullshit.
He didn't even try to cut her down later for the hell of it, so why does everyone think he's a villain?
Would a villain tell his brother to get out of hell before he's trapped in there with him?
If he was a one note A-Hole, he would've tried to kill his brother still and take the amulet, but no. He accepts his fate and falls. That's like Batman just saying to the Superman after they're trapped on Mars, "You know what? You get out of here and leave me. You got more to live for, you can handle it. So go."
And lord knows I've made too many Vergil and Jester jokes relating to Batman and Joker.
But yes, the old Vergil had his reasons.
And we all well enough knew them, and it annoys me that everyone thinks he was trying to take over the world or some bollocks like that. 
Vergil was the one that felt like he had failed his entire family, and only wanted the power to keep anything like that from happening again, especially to Dante. Who he also KNEW wouldn't die from what he did, and he never tried to kill in the first place(The Theories about Nero and his relation to Vergil would add, but we don't know that as of late).
So he tried summoning the Temen-Ni-Gru, and he thought he could handle the consequences as long as he was powerful enough.
And we all know why Sparda's power worked, because he cared for more than just himself and his kind. And so did Vergil, he just had a different view on the consequences of all of it. And honestly, anyone who remembers the environments of most of the games will realize that Dante is FUCKING TERRIBLE AT HIS JOB.
You see so many destroyed environments and signs that people were horribly murdered while Dante(Though he's one of my favorite characters all the way from 1 to the remake(Especially 2)) was jerking off or taking a long shower with his clothes on, or wasting his time with Nero.
So Dante may as well have just let it happen, he wasn't doing much anyway, so why bother?
The New Dante is TRYING to get by in their world, but due to some forced writing(E.G, the pointless wig scene, and Kat suddenly becoming a "Frail little bunny rabbit" right at the end instead of bitch slapping that Silver haired fuck for getting all their friends murdered)
Apologies for the long rant but it's Thursdays, take what you will from this, and good tidings to you.
Coora Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2014
0.0 wow long reply is long XD
i find myself agreeing with you about Original Vergil and the LAZY ASS that was made in DMC
shame not many people gave DMC Dante a chance.... mostly stupid fangirls crying over how he aint a white haired pretty boy
he's had a start to life harder than Original Dante and had no memorys of who he is or where he came from
no wonder he acted the way he did at the beginning
GhoulMine1 Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2014
He was just fine in the beginning, albeit that scene with the white hair became pointless since he's got white hair at the end anyways so all that talk of keeping him AS SEPERATE FROM THE ORIGINAL AS POSSIBLE is out of the question. Especially since they already HAD a fun and clever call-back to the original in the form of the Old Dante's Shop's Logo. 
You know, the Devil May Cry's "Girl with two guns" logo? You could spot it in one of the cut-scenes when Kat is driving Dante around.
And he acted just as he should have in regards to Kat being worried. Dante had done it several times before and he didn't need as much help, but he never tried to stop Kat from helping, though telling her to back away from the idea.
The New Dante doesn't really deserve as much hate as the New Vergil does.
But even so, I'm keeping an open mind for both the original and the new.
Coora Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2014
im glad someone else can see sense instead of foaming at the mouth for petty reasons ^^
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